Movers, Bubble Wrap, And More: The Top Things To Prepare For Your First Move

What do you need for your first move? From hiring movers to lift, carry, and transport your heavy boxes of books and oversized sectionals to the materials that will make the process easier for everyone, look at the top things you need to prepare. 

Hire A Professional Moving Contractor

Even though moving companies aren't "things" to prepare, they will make your move easier. As a first-time mover, you may not know which company to choose or how to select the best contractor for your individual needs. If you're not sure which mover is the best option or how this type of company can help to streamline the process, consider:

  • What type of mover do you need? The two primary types of contractors are local and long-distance movers. Subcategories of both types of movers include full-service contractors and specialty companies that offer services such as art handling.

  • What do you know about the company? Research movers and look for references and reviews from real customers. If possible, ask friends, family members, or people who you know for a referral.

  • What does the contractor say about their services? Talk to the mover and ask them about their services, past work, fees, and anything else that applies to your move. Get specific to make sure the contractor will fit your needs.

After you choose a company, schedule your move. Don't wait to choose a moving date—especially if you have a specific day of the week or month in mind. September through April and Mondays through Thursdays are the slowest times to move. If you're planning a summer or weekend move, book the service well in advance of the date. 

Shop For Moving Materials

Moving materials include everything you will need to pack and prepare for the move. Unless you hire a full-service company, you will need to shop for and purchase these items on your own. A full-service contractor can assess your moving needs, help you to choose materials, buy the materials for you, and pack everything in or with them. They will pass the costs along to you in their moving bill/invoice.

The specific materials you need depend on what you want to move. Most individuals and families will need moving containers (either cardboard boxes or plastic bins), packing tape, protective container filling (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing paper, or soft towels), labels, permanent markers, bags (canvas, plastic, or garbage bags), and moving quilts. 

Contact a local moving company to learn more.