Hiring A Moving Company: 3 Things You Can Do To Ensure A Time Efficient Move

The last thing anyone wants when hiring a moving company is for their move to take considerably longer than originally estimated. This is because the longer your move takes, the more your bill is going to be. Thankfully, you can help to influence the efficiency of your movers by ensuring that they are able to pack the moving truck in the most effective way possible to avoid the need for extra trips. Continue reading to learn more about three things you can do to help make sure your upcoming move is as time-efficient as possible.

#1: Do Not Use Lightweight Cardboard Boxes To Pack

People often use lightweight boxes that they pick up from local stores in order to save money on packing materials. The problem with this is that these used boxes will typically break if too much weight is placed on them. This can result in the moving company needing to flat load your items and potentially needing to make multiple trips to your new home. Investing in quality boxes or plastic containers can allow you to avoid these issues and make sure your move goes as quickly as possible. 

#2: Do Not Make Fragile Boxes Too Heavy

Heavy boxes that contain fragile items pose two problems. The first is that these boxes cannot be placed at the bottom of a stack of boxes since they contain fragile items. The second is that they cannot be placed on the top of a stack of boxes because they are too heavy and could damage the boxes below them. That is why it is always best to limit the weight of boxes that contain fragile items. This will prevent your movers from needing to make multiple trips since they cannot stack the boxes efficiently. 

#3: Pack As Many Items As Possible In Uniform-Sized Containers

While you may be tempted to put medium-sized items such as a lamp directly into the moving truck rather than packing these items, choosing to give in to this temptation can reduce the efficiency with which your movers are able to load the moving truck. This is because loose items will need to be secured and protected in order to prevent damage. Furthermore, most medium size items will not be able to be stacked on top of each other without the protection of stable uniform-sized containers or boxes. Consequently, taking the time to pack all items that can fit into these containers will prove to be in your best interest. 

For more information, contact a moving company in your area.