Ready To Store Your Vehicle? 4 Steps To Get It Ready

If you have a vehicle you need to put into storage for any reason before you pull up and place the vehicle into a covered storage unit, you need to make sure you have taken time to properly prepare your car for storage. For your vehicle to work when you pull it out of storage, you need to take care of your vehicle first.

Step #1: Change the Oil

The first thing you need to do is change the oil in your vehicle. When you change the oil, you need to put premium oil in the vehicle. Premium oil is better for car storage, as premium oil doesn't contain ethanol, which can cause water to build up inside of your vehicle, causing rust and corrosion. A new filer and premium oil will help protect your engine from corrosion.

Step #2: Add Air to Your Tires

Second, you are going to want to add air to your tires. Adding air to your tires will help avoid the creation of flat spots in your tires.

The best thing to do, however, is to remove the tires from your vehicle entirely and put your car up on jacks. You should do this if you are planning on keeping your vehicle in storage for an extended time.

Step #3: Invest in a Battery Maintainer

Your battery doesn't just keep its charge on its own. Your battery maintains its charge through being used. When you are not driving your vehicle, you are not using or naturally recharging the battery, which can lead the battery to discharge. Discharging is the process where your battery loses its juice, and eventually dies.

If you want to keep your battery operational, you need a battery maintainer. A battery maintainer is designed to turn on and off over time, allowing your battery to keep its charge.

Step #4: Deep Clean Your Vehicle

Finally, you need to take your time deep cleaning your vehicle.

You don't want to leave any food waste behind in your vehicle. Food waste can attract pests, which can cause damage to your vehicle. Wipe down all the seats in your vehicle. Vacuum in between all the cushions, containers, and the floor. Get professional help if necessary, with detailing your vehicle.

Wash the outside of your vehicle as well. You want to leave your vehicle as clean as possible.

When it comes to getting your vehicle ready for storage, you should leave no stone unturned. Contact a local car storage facility for more information.