Make The Most Of Your Storage Unit Rental

When you rent a personal storage unit, you want to get as much into it as you can without damaging anything that you've stuffed inside. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you make the most of every inch of your storage unit.

Big Stuff First

If you're storing large pieces of furniture in the storage unit, it should go in first—unless you'll be needing it before everything else. Get a friend to help you with the heavy stuff—you'll want to stack it on top of itself as much as possible to keep the large, bulky items towards the back of the unit.

Tip: When stacking furniture on top of itself, use cardboard sheets between each piece. This will help to reduce the chances of doing damage while moving things around and leaving impressions on upholstered pieces.

Load and Wrap Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets should be used on the floor in the storage unit to keep things up off of the concrete floor. If you allow things to sit on the concrete, it will begin to wick the moisture out of the concrete and absorb it—then, mold becomes an issue.

Get some heavy-duty casters—4 for each pallet that you'll want to be able to move. Attach the casters to the bottom of the wooden pallet. Position the boxes or bins of stuff on the pallet and then, wrap it with packing shrink-wrap. This will hold everything securely in place so that you'll be able to move full pallets of stuff without having to unload them each time you need to get past them to access the stuff tucked into the back of the unit.

Use Shelving Units

If you feel better about storing things on shelves to make them easier to get to, then get yourself some shelving units. They don't have to be pretty, but they do have to be sturdy. As you load the shelves up with stuff, try to keep the heavier items towards the bottom. This will prevent the shelves from becoming top-heavy and falling over on you if you were to bump them while moving around in the unit.

Note: Some storage facilities lease shelving units for use in the storage units.

You can fit quite a bit in one storage unit if you take the time to plan how it all will be placed. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the most of every inch of rented storage space. For more information, visit websites like