3 Tips For Effectively Labeling Your Moving Boxes

Moving can be a stressful process. One way to reduce the stress of moving, whether you're moving yourself or hiring a moving service, is by having a strategy for labeling your boxes. Effectively labeling your boxes will make it easier to keep track of your belongings and will help unpacking and setting up your new home go smoother.

#1 Get Together the Right Supplies

First, you are going to want to make sure that you have the right supplies on hand for labeling all of your boxes. For labeling your boxes, you are going to want to purchase a set of permanent markers that come in a variety of colors. Make sure you have at least five different colors of permanent markers on hand.

Markers are handy for writing on boxes, but they are not always the most visible way to label a box. That is why purchasing colored or patterned tape to help identify and label your boxes is a good idea. Also, invest in some stickers. You can use stickers to help identify the priority of your boxes.

#2 Have a Multi-Tiered Labeling System

Second, develop a multi-tiered labeling system for your boxes. First, you are going to want to use a permanent markers to create a list on each box that lets you know what is inside of the box. Second, on the top of each box, write what room the box goes into. Third, under the name of the room that the box belongs to, write the sub-category the box belongs to. For example, in your bedroom, you may have closet items, desk items, and bookshelf items, or in your kitchen, you may have small appliances, dishes, and cutlery. Labeling the room and subcategory of the items in the box will make them easier to unpack.

Next, use colored tape to identify what room a box belongs in. It can be a lot easier spot a box with red-colored tape and know to drop it off in the kitchen verses reading all the labels on each box.

Then, use a priority system for labeling your boxes. If there are certain boxes that you should unpack first, put a gold sticker or similar sticker on the box. That way, you know which boxes to unpack first.

Finally, number all of your boxes. That way, you can keep track and make sure that all of your boxes make it to the final destination.

Effectively labeling all of your boxes will make the unpacking process easier. You will know which room to put all of the boxes into, and as you unpack the boxes, you will know where everything goes and which boxes to unpack first.