On The Road Again: Moving To Where The Truck Driving Industry Takes You

Semi truck drivers are always on the road. They are almost never home, and typically are forced to live in their trucks most days and nights. It is just the nature of the job. However, if you are a truck driver, and you can afford to keep a place in each of the cities you typically visit on your trucking routes, maybe you should consider doing so. It helps to feel like you are really home, even when you are actually still on the road. Here are some moving tips to help you make this happen.

Keep It Simple

​Buy as many beds as you have apartments along your route. Make sure all of the beds are the same comfort level so that it does not feel different or awkward to you when you try to sleep at night. Keep a bedside table with alarm clock for each location, too. None of your furniture has to be fancy. It just has to be functional and comfortable. A card table with a chair suffices for a kitchen table and chair, too. Once you have purchased simple and functional furniture, look for apartments along your usual work route.

​Secure the Apartments

​Secure a few apartments for cheap. You can also look at renting rooms where the homeowner is willing to allow locks on your room door. Once you have secured an apartment in each of the places you usually stop to overnight while you are working, you can begin planning your next moves. 

Hire a Moving Company

Hire a moving company that can help you move several sets of furniture in a staggered fashion. Ask that they make stops along a specific route on specific days. It may seem awkward to them, so they may have some solutions to help manage these moves so that it works for both them and you.

If they spend a couple of days moving along your work route to deposit two rooms of furniture at each of your apartments/rented rooms, it may be a little costly to hire the movers this way. However, if they are willing to do it that way, it gives you time to set things up at each apartment/room location to your liking, then move to the next location where the movers will be waiting for you. Repeat this process until all of your furniture has been unloaded at each of the locations. Now you have a "home" every so many miles on your trucking route and you will not have to sleep in your cab, stay in a truck stop location, or sleep in seedy motels.